Monday, November 29, 2010

The poets let a generation down and modern music could be the healing sound it's the only way


Happy Monday. Well, it is for me, as I, a retail manager (a.k.a. work monkey) work almost every weekend, giving me weekdays off instead. Quite lovely really, in its own way. While everyone else is scraping the ice off their cars, fighting Monday morning rush hour traffic, and cursing the beginning of another work week, I am holed up in my cozy living room with a cup of coffee and my buddies Ellen and Rachel. It's a trade-off. I've been working this routine for over 13 years now, and I really don't know how anyone can stand working 9-5 Monday to Friday. I love having a day off, work a couple of days, have another day off, work a few more days, and so on. It's kind of like having early dismissal when I was in school.

God, wasn't life a lot less complicated then?

So... my messed up, insane love(?) life... I swear, I just split up with Velcro Man not even 3 weeks ago, and was wondering how I was ever going to keep myself busy in the months to come, when not one, but 2 boys from last summer get back in touch with me in the last 2 weeks. Hmmm... could the tide be turning? The great part is that neither one of them are looking for anything serious (thank God for that, Velcro Man was practically measuring my ring finger. Bleuch. Although, if I had to get married, I could be convinced to wear this...), so this could be a fun winter after all. Winters in this city can be very long and cold...

So I plugged the car in for the first time Saturday night, as I've been noticing Carmelina doesn't seem too enthused about starting in the mornings lately. As I was walking out to the car yesterday morning, I was thinking "don't forget to unplug Carmelina again". So what do I do? I brush all the snow off the windshield (right in clear view of the extension cord), get back in the car, and reverse out of my space, while wondering "what was that sound?" which, of course, was the sound of my block heater cord being yanked out of my engine compartment. Bugger. I only do it like 4 times a winter. Great work. Guess I'm going to have to go in for service this week after all.

Whatever. boot shopping makes everything better.

*We Will Still Need a Song - Hawksley Workman*

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