Friday, November 12, 2010

Another loose cannon gone bi-polar slipped down couldn't get much lower quicksand's got no sense of humor I'm still laughing like hell



-verb (used with object) Informal.
to bewilder; confound; confuse.

Men are morons.

Just curious... a relationship that has only been going on for 2 months... does it really need to be super serious? Especially in light of the fact that the guy involved had only been separated from his ex-wife for 3 months when he met the girl? Or, in light of the fact that the girl involved had stated quite clearly from the beginning that she is not interested in being labelled someone's girlfriend right away and is happy to just see where the relationship heads?

I didn't think so either...

Welcome to my life. I'm not exactly heartbroken over this loss, but I'm wondering what the thought process is here. We had been dating for exactly 2 months when the issue of my excessive independance and reluctance to be in "serious" relationship came up. My response to this was I didn't realize a 2-month-old relationship needed to be so serious. I mean really, why rush things? I would much rather let things happen organically and see what happens rather than force a relationship to be something it isn't too soon and lose the entire thing. So my solution to this scenario was to suggest a clean break and wish him well in the future. I'm not sure if his intention was to reverse-psychology me into something more "serious", but if it was, boy did that backfire.

Free again.

As much as I had been thinking I was finally ready for an actual relationship, rather than serial dating, this year, I wonder if I really am. Or maybe it's simply a matter of finding THE ONE, whatever the hell that means. I don't mean ready in the sense of getting over any baggage or that kind of crap. I'm past that. But I do think that having been in such a bad relationship with my ex for over 6 years has created a need on my part to maintain as much of my own independance as possible, and maybe this is making it hard for people to get close to me. Maybe I shouldn't try to head-shrink myself. I feel forehead wrinkles forming.

Think I'll go shoe shopping instead. That always solves everything.

*The Sound of Madness - Shinedown*

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